Wayne Maurice Caron

Middleboro, MA War Hero

Born November 2, 1946 Died July 28, 1968


         Wayne M. Caron was a valiant and courageous man. He was ranked a Hospital Corpsman Third Class, U.S. Navy, Headquarters and Service Company, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, of the 1st Marine Division. He was 21 on that grim day in the rice paddy in Vietnam, when his company received heavy small arms fire. He courageously ran to his wounded soldiers, and encountered two nearby, only to find that they were dead. He was then struck in the arm with a bullet and knocked to the ground, bleeding badly. Regardless of his injury he got back up and ran to another wounded soldier, and is credited with saving the mans life. After saving this man, he ran to another, only to be shot in the leg. Still crawling to save the life of his fellow comrades, he was then shot a third time, but somehow kept going until he was shot by heavy fire, and was mortally wounded. His commendable bravery saved the lives of three men. He was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart and the Medal of Honor, along with many other prestigious medals for war-time bravery. In the wake of his death, he left behind his wife Mrs. Teresa Caron, and his 17 month old infant son Scott Wayne Caron, whom he never had the opportunity to meet. This website is dedicated to the memory of Wayne Caron and his heroic actions.


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